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The Slipičević Foundation

The „Slipičević Foundation“, founded by Hari Slipičević established the „Nijaz Slipičević Award“, which bears the name of a well known Mostar educator and humanist, born in this town in 1940, died in Sarajevo in 2015.

The vision of the Foundation is the same which Nijaz Slipičević had, an idea guided by humanism, tolerance, dignity, prosperity, justice, creating better living conditions for those in need, with the aim of using our time and knowledge focused on a better future.

The goal of the Foundation is to help those in need around the world starting from private individuals, cultural institutions, sports clubs and others. The focus of the Foundation is "Humanism".

Hari Slipicevic


Our mission is to benefit everyone, to provide enrichment opportunities for children and youth, as well as support the development of culture, humanity, health, sports and so on.


Our vision is to be a synonym for the Foundation, which continuously and essentially contributes to the development and improvement of society and every individual, and consistently sets higher goals and standards in all areas in which it operates.

Fondacija Slipicevic podržala Udrugu Novi Pogled.jpeg

Fondacija Slipicevic podržala Udrugu Novi Pogled

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Fondacija Slipicevic podržala Šantićev Festival djece

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Prvu nagradu ‘Nijaz Slipičević’ za 2023. osvojila Škola atletike Mostar

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Fondacija Slipicevic podržala International Dance Festival "MO STARS MEDITERAN OPEN DANCE 2024"

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Nijaz and friends

Nijaz Slipičević award

With this award, aimed at young people, its founder seeks to preserve the memory of his father's activities in the Mostar environment, and to encourage young creators in the various fields of fine arts, literature, music, science and culture in general to be better recognized in our public, guided by the values ​​of humanity.

To this end, three awards for the best achievements of young people in Mostar or Mostarians outside Mostar were established: First prize in the amount of KM 2,000; Second prize in the amount of 1500 KM and Third prize in the amount of 1000 KM. The "Nijaz Slipicevic Plaque" is also awarded as a special tribute to individuals or collectives, for the merits and results achieved through acting in the Mostar area.

The choice of the best always applies to the current year, and the decision on the best is made by the citizens of Mostar by direct voting through social networks.

The awards are presented at a commemorative ceremony each year in Mostar, September 20, on the anniversary of Nijaz Slipicevic's birth.


Biseri od kamena

Biseri od kamena

Hari Slipičević

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Mostarac lavljeg srca

Mostarac lavljeg srca

Hari Slipičević

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Our board

Hari Slipicevic

Hari Slipicevic


About Hari

Harry was born on December 30th, 1968, in Mostar. He has been living and working in the Netherlands with his family for many years.

Hari is chairman of the foundation.

He has a degree in economy and has been a succesful entrepreneur for many years.

For years, he continues to support and help charity projects around the world, as well as in his hometown.

In memory of his father Nijaz Slipičević, he established this foundation, with which he hopes to help many people and institutions in need.

* Board members do the work without being paid.


If you have any questions, advice, request or suggestions, please send us an email.

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The fiscal number of the foundation is 8555.26.270

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